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Once your order has been placed, you will receive an auto responder email acknowledging receipt of your purchase.  Please Note: your receipt is not a valid certificate.   You MUST wait to receive an email from American Military Family which will have a certificate attached to the email.  You will receive this certificate via email within 10 business days from date of purchase.  You may print a hard copy of the attached certificate and take it to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or you may bring your mobile device to the DMV and show them the copy of your certificate.  Either will suffice.  

  • (Sorry, certificates are non-refundable, non-replaceable and non-transferable). 
  • Fee structure is based on a “Per Vehicle” basis. 
  • If you purchase the plates for your motorcycle, you will receive one (1) plate from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). 
  • If you purchase the plates for a passenger vehicle or truck, you will receive two (2) plates from the DMV.  
  • One payment per vehicle. 
  • American Military Family has no control over delivery of your license plates.  You must contact the DMV if you have an issue. 
  • IF you wish to customize your Support the Troops License Plates, you must request additional documentation from the DMV before you purchase your certificate. 
  • (Please note:  Customized plates will NOT have the yellow Thank You ribbon.  It will be removed to accommodate the customized plate.)

​​​​​American Military Family Affiliates

Our Team – Our Motto – Our Shared Belief: “Working Together We Can Do Great Things For Those Who Serve And Sacrifice. Together we are stronger. Together we are more effective. Together, we are getting the job done – One veteran at a time. American Military Family Proudly Salutes the following supporters for their selfless generosity and compassion for our veterans, troops and their families.

​​Colorado Support the Troops License Plate

Any Colorado resident who may wish to purchase the Colorado Support The Troops license plate is eligible to do so. 

There is a mandatory $25.00 donation that is required in order to complete the purchase of this specialty plate. 

93% of every dollar raised in this program is returned directly to our veterans, troops and their families.

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