DAILY 22 Veterans and 1 Active Duty Service Member Succumb to Suicide –
We Must STOP Veteran Suicide

We got bounced around for almost a week. And we really needed help, somehow I got Debbie's number and within just a couple of minutes she was helping. We spent two days with the Red Cross just to be denied. Debbie does not waste your time or hers. Her heart will always be bigger than the resources she has. She was still following up with us after 11pm, who does that anymore. Debbie does, we thank that God lead us to her and this organization, So many others have the resources some maybe more than her, but they are unwilling to help. Thank you Debbie. And if you are another organization, and you read this, and you snicker, and think this is a made up review, pick the phone up and call me. John-970-987-3039. Thank you again, and God Bless.

Debbie moved Heaven and Earth to a terminally ill vet who was too sick and vulnerable to deal with dishonest local business. Without Debbie's help, this vet would still be without transportation to his chemo sessions. Her heart and actions reflect her passion for helping those in need and I am honored to have had a chance to get to know her. I am very careful about what agencies I support but I can say without reservation that American Military Family will now be on my donation list!!


Debbie and all of the AMF staff are ready and willing to assist Military members and their Families whenever a need is found. This is a great organization.

They were there to help my son in a time of need. They are wonderful!

There's the rest and then there's the best. Thanks AMF and Debbie for everything.

“No such thing as coincidence!”
We were given pages of "potential" resources when we were in dire straits. AMF came up in conversation multiple times with our IAVA case manager so I reached out. Finding Debbie and AMF was nothing short of a miracle! She is a great listener, advocate and like the soldiers say" she's got our 6" Truly no words to describe how much we appreciate Debbie and the entire AMF team for all that you do! We got your 6 too! Tracey & Matt.”

American Military Family sets the perfect example of an organization that truly supports the troops without question. They do stand above the rest in any case, emergency funds, supporting Military Personnel in their recovery sustained from Combat related injuries and for those you raised their right hand to be that 1% fighting for our freedom. To the other non-profits that they support financially and with volunteers. I am proud to say AMF, from Debbie to the board to their volunteers are a blessing for our troops! Thank you AMF!

I have been involved with AMF for several years and have loved every experience I have had with them. With three service members in my family, I appreciate all AMF and Debbie does for our military and vets. Upon the loss of our second son in Iraq, Debbie's support was invaluable. Thanks Debbie and AMF. You all rock!

Everyone at AMF is wonderful. When my son needed help, they got him a therapist he could relate to. I believe they helped save his life. Thank you AMF. Thank God you were there to help. 

Deb and her team have been a fantastic help. I am homeless and they are helping me get a place to stay and a little extra money to eat off. They have been amazing. They are also going to set me up with counseling; which I really need as well. Thank you so much AMF.

AMF is honestly one of the most passionate organizations providing the greatest support for our troops and their families. Debbie and her staff & volunteers are the best. They are all true and sincere to their commitment to provide help and assistance to our military. They are the BEST!!!!

Debbie was amazing! She took care of us when no one else would help. The wounded warrior program sent us to her and she was a blessing!

None better! AMF, led by Debbie Quackenbush and here truly amazing team "gets it". They are grounded and touch lives in every way imaginable. We are in awe of how much they continue to do, 24/7. If you are looking for an organization that will help and not judge AMF is the one. Thank you AMF for all you do every day for those that serve, our Veterans and Families. We are honored to be friends and supporters of AMF. Mark Graham, Major General, US Army (Retired).

AMF is genuinely committed it helping our military community and veterans in ANY way they possibly can! Debbie and her AMF crew of volunteers are some of the most passionate and sincere people I've ever met. They network with many other groups so if they can't help you they will try to direct you to someone else who can.

A wonderful organization. Proud to be involved with them.