Veterans Housing First Program

The Veteran Housing First Program takes aim at the Colorado Veteran homeless population. Established in December 2016 the VHFP is currently planning a Veteran Community in Northern, Colorado. With the initial goal of 50 residents and a community center. Our program is aimed to guide the Veteran through the transition process by providing a path that addresses the Veteran specific issues.

The need for our program is astounding with the Nation’s largest pike in Colorado Veteran Homelessness with a 24% increase in 2016 alone. This need is expected to grow among the Veteran population for many factors ranging from an aging and currently shrinking military, to VA capacity and ability. Undiagnosed and untreated physical and mental health conditions often contribute to veteran homelessness and this trend is expected to continue.

Our target population covers all branches of the military from all peace time and wartime eras. While we’re a Colorado based and Colorado residents have priority to our program, Veterans from across the country are eligible. Success in housing first initiatives are well documented throughout the United States and Canada. Our program intends to build onto that success in a Veteran orientated way.


DAILY 22 Veterans and 1 Active Duty Service Member Succumb to Suicide –
We Must STOP Veteran Suicide

​​VHFP Vision
To end Veteran homelessness by providing a humane, independent and structured path out. Aggressive and to the point, focused on the individual

VHFP Mission
To eliminate Veteran Homelessness by providing a home and guided transitional process. Our Veterans AND their Family will enter a customized program to fit their needs. Their home, giving them a sense of pride in ownership and support, not just a bed or shelter.
End Goal: To make the Veterans and their Family if applicable 100% self-reliant with stable Mental health, Employment, Long term housing and Support.
Many Organizations with the best intent, end up providing a circular dirt path for our Veterans and their families in these times. We are paving Straight over that path for our Veterans.

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VHFP Values
Community Driven
We believe in giving back! One of the ways will give back to the local community is through direct community service. With 50 skilled Veterans in an array of backgrounds in our program. As part of our program, each Veteran will meet set monthly community standards as agreed upon with our Case managers.

More funds go directly to the Veteran as compared to National programs with high overhead.
Direct to the source

Identify the core of the issue, identify multiple solutions, Implement, Track and Repeat .

Every penny counts! Strict record keeping and reporting standards will be followed IAW Local, State and Federal Law.

Veteran Focused
Each Veteran will participate in an array vocational, educational programs with the end goal in mind.

Results driven
Much like the Military, monthly reviews of each Veterans progress will be conducted. Quarterly reviews will be done via the Board if Director's to ensure fair standards were followed and to ensure our donors ROI.