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Our Team – Our Motto – Our Shared Belief: “Working Together We Can Do Great Things For Those Who Serve And Sacrifice. Together we are stronger. Together we are more effective. Together, we are getting the job done – One veteran at a time. American Military Family Proudly Salutes the following supporters for their selfless generosity and compassion for our veterans, troops and their families.

Our Programs

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) Therapy Program

Helping our veterans, troops and their families face the invisible wounds they received from war.

Calling All Combat Veterans - Please Join Our Facebook Closed Group for Combat Veterans Only!
American Military Family Got Your Six – GY6 Members - those dedicated to always being there for a brother or sister veteran. 

Support the Troops License Plate

93% of every dollar raised from this program is returned directly to our veterans, troops and their families. 

Emergency Financial Assistance

We provide emergency financial assistance to combat veterans & their families who are enrolled in the American Military Family GY6 Program.

“The phone rings and there is a veteran on the other end. He says I am in the hospital because of suicidal thoughts. I am going to be released in 3 days and I have the clothes on my back. Where do we begin to assist? Housing? Clothes? Food? Toiletries? Mental Health Therapy Intervention for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Intervention with Traumatic Brain Injury? Job reintegration? VA Benefits? Marriage/Relationship Issues? And the list goes on and on......Where would you begin? Bottom line: EVERYTHING and EVERYONE needs financial assistance -

Help Us to Help Those Who Have Served And Sacrificed SO Much For Our Freedom!


DAILY 22 Veterans and 1 Active Duty Service Member Succumb to Suicide –
We Must STOP Veteran Suicide

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